Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fire in the Hole!

Ginger root can be used for cooking, cuts, bruises, toothaches, etc. A far better use is to carve it into a butt plug and shove it where the sun don't shine.

I recently had my first round with a root where I toot and it wasn't so bad, in fact mostly good. At first it is just cold, but after a few minutes it starts to tingle and feel a little warm. I had read that clenching your cheeks together would make it burn, so I was trying to avoid that. My partner found a way to make me clench them and the burning did increase. You can always encourage a sub to clench their cheeks with a good spanking or even just plain old sex. After 15 minutes or so my hole was starting to burn and throb. Nothing bad enough to have to take it out, but it isn't something you can easily ignore. I wouldn't want to play A Dime for your Time with ginger making me dance in the corner.

At $1.99 a lb, ginger root is a steal. One plug should cost a dime or two. Give it a try. It sounds a little strange, but you would't be reading this blog if you don't have a kinky side! For more info and safty tips, just search for "ginger figging".

Friday, July 11, 2008

Punishment Girdle

What do you dress a naughty woman in when she needs to be spanked? Skirts have to be lifted, pants taken down, panties are in the way, a thong might feel too sexy and a french maids outfit might make you forget why you were going to punish her. How about something uncomfortably tight, not attractive (maybe in her mind), that leaves her bottom exposed for spanking and her breasts open for a nipple clamp if she deserves it. The Fajas 1009 girdle had to be made by a spanko. The crotch can hold in a butt plug (or ginger root) while her naughty bare butt hangs out just begging to be spanked. Don't forget to order it a size or two smaller than she'd like!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Sore Seat

You've all seen the office chair mats that go on carpet and have nice rows of little spikey knobs on the bottom to keep it from sliding around. One of these mats, or a part of one can work wonders on your naugty boy or girl's bottom. No, it isn't for spanking them - it is pretty flimsy for that.

For pre or post spanking fun, make the naughty one sit on it bare bottom for 5 or 10 minutes with the mat upside down so the spikes make their time a little uncomfortable. You could cut off a piece the size of their bottom and stick it in their underwear. Holding the knobby side of the plastic to their bottom and pulling a girdle up over it would keep it in place for hours. Every movement would remind them how sore their bottom is, or will be if you haven't spanked them yet.

After a spanking, instead of sitting on a pillow at dinner they can sit on a hard chair with their spikey girdle under theier clothes and your guests will wonder why they sit, stand and move so slowly or why they wince when they sit down.

Happy spanking!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Texas Hold 'em

Your naughty girl or guy has one place they do not want to be spanked - right on their bottom hole. It isn't wise to spank too much there, maybe 50 or 60 whacks at the most, but you can make it a fun game (for you).

Some good implements are rubber spatulas, a smooth, round hairbrush or maybe the last 12" of a belt.

Put your naughty girl on the bed, bent over a stack of pillows, or maybe over the back of a couch. Tell her to reach back and spread her cheeks wide and to hold them open no matter what. Ler her know you are going to give 10 or 15 spanks right on her hole.

If she lets go of her cheeks or fails to make her hole available for spanking, start the count over. It is very hard to take 10 or 15 in a row, so you might reach the 50-60 spank sanity limit. If that happens, just give her a long spanking on the rest of her bottom and tell her you'll try the bottom hole spanking again in a day or two and will continue to repeat it until she can hold her cheeks for the whole spanking.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

House of Cards

Do you ever had trouble deciding what to implement to use (or beg for) and how many spanks to give? The answer is only a deck of cards away.

With a deck of playing cards you can add some variety and randomness to a spanking. Assign an implement to each suit (Hearts = hairbrush, Spades = strap, etc). Pick a multiplier for the number of spanks. If you draw a 3 of Hearts and the multiplier is 5, you get 15 with the brush. You can think up some special cases for the face cards. For example, the Ace could be in a different position, or a larger number of spanks than will be drawn with a non-face card.

If there are a few people, or both people want to switch you can alternate who draws a card. If one of you gets a card you really don't want, you might be able to beg the other person to take that card for you if you'll take the next three.

With a hand full of implements, at least one naughty bottom and a deck of cards you can come up with a different variation of the game to suit your mood. Don't try to stack the deck, it would be a shame to get extra for cheating.

Friday, August 10, 2007

A Dime for your Time

Spanking often has other 'punishments' associated with it. This game involves spanking and corner time. Standing with your nose in the corner can be pretty boring, and that is the point, but this should change the game for the better.

What is needed:
  • A naughty girl/guy who needs a spanking
  • A dime
  • A kitchen timer or watch
  • A corner that is free of furniture or things hanging on the wall
  • A few implements to spank with
  • A strict guy/gal to take charge and 'deal' with the naughty person
How to play:
  1. Set the timer for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Explain to the naughty one that they have to stand with their nose in the corner until the timer goes off. The catch is that they have to hold the dime on the wall with their nose and that if they drop the dime, they will be spanked.
  3. Put the naughty one in the corner, holding the dime with their nose and with their bottom on display.
  4. Start the timer and wait for the dime to drop.
What do do if they drop the dime?
  1. Remove the naughty one from the corner and spank them for the remaining time.
  2. After the timer goes off, return them to the corner and reset the timer and start it all over.
What to do if they hold the dime the whole time?
  1. If they make it the whole time, add more time next time you play.
  2. Try giving some spanks while they are in the corner to get them to wiggle and drop it.
The dime game gives the sub a chance to have some input on how much spanking they want, without having to ask for another or use a safeword to stop. If they are feeling sassy and want another spanking they can drop the dime right away, or hold it for half the time and take many shorter spankings. No matter how much someone hates standing in the corner, eventually their bottom will get sore and they will want to end the spanking and have to submit to the boring 5-10 minutes in the corner with the dime. A sub who plays this game will never look at a dime the same way!